There is No Getting Around the Classic Beauty of Wood Siding in Hilliard Ohio- But is it the Best?

Is wood the best type of siding? Ask a random person in the Northeast United States and there is a solid chance they will say yes. Ask anyone in the Western coast or in Florida, and the odds are low. Wood siding has its own particular set of features that many may lay claim to being the best. There is an undeniable classic beauty about Wood Siding in Hilliard Ohio. Ohio rests in this nice middle ground where wood siding has a few key benefits- and a few cons- that make it a rich (but hotly debated) choice.

The Cons of Maintenance

Wood will get a little wear and tear. A little is hardly an exaggeration. Homeowners will be maintaining their wood on a yearly basis, especially against the harsh climate of Ohio. If they want the wood to hold up past five years, it is a necessity. There are some great services that offer proper maintenance. Chalking occurs after a few years, and the general degradation of the coloration is to be expected. Wood has the capacity to last for over 100 years. But, maintenance is more than recommended. It is essential.

Using Red Wood

This may be the main reason why homeowners opt for something more maintenance-friendly, as many of the modern vinyl options provide. But, the sheer quaint beauty of wood is undeniably strong. Western red cedar and redwood make for especially incredible wood siding. It is the slight red coat that gives it a gorgeous sheen. There are well over 30 different wood styles available at any given time of year. Also, wood is essential for capturing that classic rural feel. Shingle scan be matched with Wood Siding in Hilliard Ohio for a uniform style and appearance.

The term “best” is admittedly subjective. Just like anything else in the world of design and architecture, there is a lot going on and a lot of opinions. Wood is probably the best for a certain rural energy. But, it lacks a few key benefits of more modern siding styles.