The Importance of Hiring a Water Restoration Company for Water Damage in Indianapolis IN

If you have experienced Water damage in Indianapolis IN it is important to deal with it correctly. When water is left standing, not only can it cause severe damage to your property, but it can cause serious health problems for your family as well. When you have water damage, it is categorized according to the water source, how long it has been standing and if it contains contaminates, such as chemicals, animal or human waste, fertilizers and other harmful substances. A water restoration company has the equipment necessary to safely remove the water and contaminants as well as completely dry the area.

The first step is to find the source of the flooding and stop the flow of water, if possible. For example, if the flooding occurred due to a burst water pipe, you should shut off the main water valve to prevent any further flooding. If the flooding is contained to a small area, it can often be cleaned without contacting a professional restoration company for Water damage in Indianapolis IN. However, it is important that you not attempt to remove water or do any cleanup if the flooding has occurred in a large area, such as the basement or if the flooding was the result of a natural disaster, such as a heavy rain storm.

Water from anywhere other than a small accident inside of the home can contain harmful bacteria and contaminants that can cause serious health problems, so it is important to not attempt to clean it up without the assistance of a water restoration company. The technicians of restoration companies are trained to remove the water, clean and disinfect the area and restore the area to its original condition. The water restoration company will also be able to do a complete assessment of the area and provide you with the information that you will need to submit to the insurance company.

Stagnant water can cause problems such as respiratory infections, skin disease, salmonella and Weil’s disease, among other serious health problems. If the area is not professionally cleaned and sanitized, there is still a risk of these health problems, even if you have completely removed the water and dried the area.

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