The Importance of Green Cleaning Products for Use in Cleaning Your Home

With the uproar over chemicals and their impact when absorbed into the body, and particularly children’s bodies, homeowners are turning to green cleaning products for the home. Lives are busier, so it’s no wonder homeowners grab a bottle of commercially prepared cleaner when the house is disarrayed.

Homeowners with no time to clean often hire a cleaning service in the Los Angeles, CA, area. Some use green cleaning products without being asked, while others only use them when asked. What is the importance of using green cleaning products for the home?

Better Indoor Air Quality

Inhaling fumes from commercially prepared cleaning products as well as the components of the products once they’re on a surface isn’t good for the lungs, obviously. Studies have shown that using green cleaning products reduces asthma as well as chances of developing it. It’s just plain better for you and your family’s health.


Which would you rather have absorbed into your skin, lemon juice and vinegar or ammonia and bleach? Products used for green cleaning come from the kitchen and are often ingested. This causes no harm, but ingesting a commercially prepared cleaning agent can be very unsafe and harmful.

Ingredient Recognition

Everyone knows that producers rarely include every little thing in the ingredients on the label. No one knows exactly what they’re getting, so the suspicion over our safety and continued good health never stops. With green cleaning products, you know what you’re getting. Vinegar, for example, is plain and simple fermented apple cider. Lemon juice is just that. Baking soda is just that. Confidence in our cleaning products is of vital importance to almost everyone and especially parents.


Most shoppers toss in a can of foaming bubbles without thinking of the price. Other shoppers are most cost-conscious, though. Vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, and baking soda aren’t used by all cleaning services in Los Angeles, CA, but they form the base of professional-use green cleaning products for the home.