Steps For Bed Bug Treatment In Boynton Beach, Florida

In Florida, bed bugs present a real risk to property owners. The insects infest bedding, desks, and baseboards. They are attracted to areas in which they can hide easily and acquire food sources. They feed on the blood of the property owner as they sleep. Extermination teams provide Bed Bug Treatment Boynton Beach Florida.

Identifying All Affected Areas in the Home

The first step for the extermination team is to identify all affected areas. The most common areas are mattresses, box springs, baseboards in darkened rooms, and furniture that isn’t used frequently. Desk drawers are often a prime target for the bed bugs as they can hide inside the drawers without immediate detection.

Distributing the Insecticide

The extermination team must distribute insecticide used specifically for bed bugs throughout the affected areas. This insecticide kills off the bed bugs as well as their eggs. The treatment can also prevent more bed bugs from infesting the treated areas. For homeowners with more severe infestations, multiple treatments may be required for their home to lower all associated risks. Bed Bug Treatment Boynton Beach Florida can address the homeowner’s requirements.

Wrapping the Furniture in Plastic Sheeting

The exterminator wraps all furniture in thick plastic sheeting. The plastic sheeting keeps the insecticide inside the treated area for a long duration. This can kill off the bugs more effectively. It also prevents the bugs from escaping from the furnishings. The mattresses and box springs must be enclosed completely.

Assessing the Progress

After a sufficient amount of time, the exterminator returns to the property and conducts an assessment. If more bugs are discovered, the treatment process is repeated. They repeat the process until all bugs are killed off. In some cases, the homeowner may have to replace their mattresses and bedding.

In Florida, homeowners must contact an exterminator if they discover bed bugs in their home. The bothersome insects can produce severe bites that itch continuously. If they are exterminated properly, they can infest the entire property. Homeowners who need Bed Bug Treatment Boyton Beach Florida contact Above & Beyond Pest Control in Boynton Beach Florida to schedule the services today or review further options.