Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to Be Repaired

It’s not always difficult to determine what your air conditioner requires a repair, but sometimes homeowners wonder if there’s really a problem or the air conditioner is just growing older. It’s always a good idea to have the issue looked at and seek air conditioning repair in New Jersey, rather than waiting for it to get worse or even stop working entirely. We’ll look at a few signs that your air conditioner does need to be serviced.

Lack of Cold Air

Maybe your air conditioner is blowing at full blast, but it just doesn’t seem to be cooling the way it used to be. This might mean you need a professional to repair the air conditioner. It could be a sign that the compressor is no longer working or that coolant levels are low. It’s best to get this looked at early before the unit needs full replacement.

Minimal Airflow

If you are noticing that there is very little air flowing from your vents, this can be another sign that the compressor is not working correctly. If some rooms are getting cold but others are not, it could be an issue related to the ductwork in your home. In either case, you want to get air conditioning repair in New Jersey as quickly as possible. Another cause of this problem can be debris in the vent, which will need to be cleaned.

Strange Odors

Strange smells, especially foul ones, may mean that the wire insulation in your air conditioner has burned up. This smell can be found coming from the air vents. A mustier smell may mean there is mold inside your ducts or air conditioning unit. Either of these situations requires the help of an air conditioning technician.

Moisture Near the Unit

If you see that there is moisture leaking from the system, or nearby, this can be a serious problem. There are two reasons this can occur. The worst-case scenario is that refrigerant is leaking, which can cause health risks to anyone in the home. This has to be taken care of quickly by an expert. Pools of water near the unit may mean that the drain tube has broken or is blocked. This isn’t quite as serious but still needs to be fixed.

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