Resurfacing in Long island NY by Experienced Professionals

Gunite, shotcrete, and concrete are similar materials used in the construction of most in-ground pools. The process is the same as is the maintenance. The surface is pliable at first and durable once it has set up. The required maintenance is an investment but is only needed every eight to ten years with routine pool maintenance and cleaning in between those years.


The materials are porous which means the texture wears down and stains and discoloration occur over time. Owners need to plan on resurfacing in Long Island NY at least every decade. The expertise and equipment used to complete this task makes it a poor choice for a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. There are videos and products available that can potentially instruct homeowners how to complete this task, but it is not realistic.

The job will take more time and money than anticipated and then there will still be the cost of professionals after something goes wrong. Save DIY ambitions for the tool shed or flooring that can be completed well without specialized equipment and years of practice. The whole process will take less time and last longer when left to the professionals. Homeowners will want to browse our website for detailed information and finishing options.

Total Costs

Free estimates are available because there is no set pricing for this Resurfacing in Long Island NY. Every situation is different. Cost depends on multiple factors, such as the condition of the pool, the size, the location, and the new surface selected. A plaster surface for a medium-sized pool, for example, will cost less than having tiles installed as the surface for a large pool or one that is an odd shape. A pool in great condition will take less materials and labor to resurface, so it will cost the homeowner less money.

Take Advantage of the Opportunity

Homeowners can take full advantage of the resurfacing opportunity to add features or get upgrades to the pool. A heating system can be installed at the same time, so the family can enjoy the pool longer in the season. Getting it done now means there is no need to wait for another decade to experience heated pool water. Think of the stress and tension a bit of heat can melt away after a long week at work.