Questions About Mice Control in Ankeny IA

by | Mar 15, 2020 | Pest Control

Few things are as irritating as a house that has been infested with mice. Even if the infestation does not count a great amount a lot of mice amongst it, the potential for damage to the dwelling or for germs to be spread via the rodents is great. Here are some questions that many homeowners have about mice control in Ankeny IA.

Q: What is the evidence that there is an infestation by mice?

A: The easiest evidence is if actual live or dead mice are seen in the house. However, other telltale signs can entail wood being gnawed, mouse droppings, vermin hairs, food that seems to have been squirreled away in small spaces, and the sound of skittering in the walls or in the ceiling. These are all strong indicators that there is a mouse problem.

Q: How can the homeowner tell if the creature is a mouse or a rat?

A: Mice are significantly smaller than rats are. Mice measure only about two and a half to three inches in length. Rats, however, are typically fourteen to sixteen inches in length, not including fail.

Q: What do mice eat?

A: While they will consume almost anything they come across, they prefer to eat cereal grains and vegetation.

Q: How long do mice typically live?

A: In the great outdoors, they will typically last only a year on average. However, in the comfort of a nice and cozy house, they can live easily live up to three years.

Q: There is a good amount of paper that is shredded along with things that look like black rice in the basement. What are these?

A: Congratulations! The nesting place of the mice has been found! The shredded paper is what the mice use for bedding, and the things that look like black rice are actually mouse poop. This is the best time to call someone to begin mice control in Ankeny IA.

Visit us to find more information about what to do in the event the home has become infested. Experienced pest control professionals are what will be needed in this event to make sure the infestation does not become worse.

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