Professional Animal Control in Pasadena for Squirrels, Raccoons and Bats

Professional pest management services provide Animal Control in Pasadena when wildlife gets out of hand. Owners of residential property may appreciate watching the occasional squirrel or chipmunk, but they typically don’t want a big group of them taking up residence there. They also probably feel a bit nervous if they start seeing a raccoon or a porcupine on a regular basis, knowing it might have settled in on the property.


Squirrels have been living in residential neighborhoods for so long that everyone is accustomed to their presence. They can be cute and fun to watch.

But squirrels have babies and pretty soon the critters can overrun the yard. The property owners might notice 12 or 14 of the animals running around out there at one time. Squirrels can be destructive, chewing up wood features and decimating bird feeders.


Raccoons are common nuisance animals because they have adapted so well to living in environments dominated by humans. They get into the trash and dig through compost piles. They hang around camp grounds and parks. They try to stay out of sight but occasionally are caught in the act as they raid a garbage container or grab food that was left on a picnic table.

Raccoons may move into residential neighborhoods, especially those with a lot of trees, large yards and available water. A service for professional Animal Control in Pasadena can safely remove a raccoon and an entire family of raccoons if necessary.


Bats also sometimes appear around houses. Wildlife management experts encourage people to learn to coexist with these creatures, since they are beneficial for eating a large number of insect pests. If they nest and roost in trees, they normally are only seen at night, flying around lights being circled by insects.

However, when a bat keeps trying to roost above a porch or screened-in deck, this can be disconcerting. The critters leave droppings underneath the places where they nestle in for the day. They might dart out into the space while people are relaxing out there. Pest control technicians from a company like Accutech Pest Management can safely catch bats and move them to a different location. Information on this organization is provided at website.