Placement Questions to Answer Before the Gas Fireplace Installation in Carroll County, MD

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Fireplaces

The addition of a gas fireplace can add the comfort of a fire without the hassle of dealing with wood. Once the choice of the fireplace is made, the decision of where to install it is the next item to consider. Since this will be a new feature item, these are a few things to think about with the placement before the day of installation.

The first item up for discussion with the Gas Fireplace Installation in Carroll County MD is which wall to utilize for the centerpiece. Since this is going to be a major focal point of the room, it should be a part of the feature wall. The wall should also be picked for functionality since the fireplace is also going to be used. The proper location will ensure this item gets maximum use.

Once the wall is decided upon, the height placement should also be taken into consideration. Unlike wood fireplaces, a hearth is not typically part of the support structure. Instead, the supports are built around the fireplace. This means there is some flexibility about where it can be placed on the wall. However, having it too low or too high may decrease its functionality and can make it look awkward in the room.

Another major item to take into consideration with the Gas Fireplace Installation in Carroll County MD is the placement of the gas valves. Because gas is utilized as the power source for the fireplace, this piping must be readily available for the room it is designated for. If this is the first gas powered appliance, new lines will have to be installed by the gas company before the installation can occur. If the gas hookup is not located in the room, an extra line may have to be installed in that area.

Picking out the correct placement for the new gas fireplace is important for the room aesthetics and the functionality. Careful consideration should be put into which wall, the approximate height it should be as well as the convenient accessibility to the gas lines.

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