New Garage Doors in West Bloomfield MI as Part of Efforts for Better Safety and Security

When people hear about injuries caused by garage doors and burglars breaking into homes through the garage, they may wonder how they will ever manage to keep that structure safe for the household residents and secure against break-ins. Professional installation of Garage Doors in West Bloomfield MI along with regular maintenance and specific careful behaviors help prevent these sorts of problems.

New Door Installation

The first strategy might be to have new Garage Doors in West Bloomfield MI installed if the old ones are dilapidated or simply do not provide enough security. In addition, old doors may not have sensors at the bottom that prevent them from descending if something is underneath. Some of the older garage door locks are very easy for a skilled burglar to pick.

Routine Maintenance

As years pass, the pulley mechanism, cables and springs can start coming out of alignment. Routine maintenance should be scheduled to prevent jerking and halting that can eventually lead to broken components.

Additional Strategies

Additional strategies can help keep the garage, and thus the home, more secure too. Installing a motion light on either side of the garage will deter anyone who thinks they can sneak inside at night. The motion sensing lights are also welcome features for anyone invited to the home who arrives in the dark. The household doesn’t have to keep outside lights on for 10 or 15 minutes while waiting for their guests.

Many homeowners don’t bother to lock the door leading from the garage into the home, figuring nobody can get into the garage. That makes it especially easy for burglars to just walk right in once they do breach the garage security. That door should be locked and also bolted when everyone leaves the home.

In Conclusion

After new doors have been installed by a contractor such as Tarnow Doors, additional safety and security measures can be completed over time. Everything does not have to be accomplished in one weekend, so the homeowners shouldn’t feel overwhelmed just thinking about the various projects. The new garage doors will go a long way toward preventing safety issues and making the home more secure.