Lighting Is Vital In An San Jose Kitchen Remodel. Here Are Some Ideas To Light Your Way

Remodeling a kitchen is important in any house for two reasons. The first is that it upgrades the functionality of the space. The second is that it’s attractive. No one wants to spend time in an ugly room, and the whole family ends up in the kitchen most days. Home remodeling services San Jose CA knows they should be able to see what they’re doing.

Natural Light

Sunlight is good for us physically and emotionally. There’s Vitamin D keeping the bones healthy. There’s nitric oxide which lowers blood pressure. Serotonin and endorphins make us happy. Building more windows is a smart move in a kitchen remodel and one that will pay off in good health in the future.

Task Lighting

A kitchen is a place of function. It could be simply making a pot of coffee, or the kids sitting at the island doing homework. Whatever the task, the lighting should be right so you can see to chop that onion and the kids can read their books.

Cans appear in many kitchens and in many places. Right over the counters and the island helps cooks prep their food. Pendant lights over the prep area adds an extra shine to the proceedings. Add LED lights beneath cabinets for more light.

Ambient Lighting

Home remodeling services San Jose Ca designers are seeing a lot of pendant lights and chandeliers in kitchens. They’re attractive and provide good ambient lighting for other than focus tasks. Oria Builders will be happy to work with you on your kitchen lighting when you contac them at to learn more.