The Latest Trend In Residential Roofing In Upper Arlington OH

Whether a homeowner is looking to remodel an existing house or build a new one, one of the first elements to be installed is the roof, as it is what protects the interior of the structure during the construction process and it plays a significant role in a home’s structural integrity. There are a variety of products that are used in Residential Roofing in Upper Arlington OH, and it often makes it hard to determine which one will offer the best protection without causing strain on a wallet. The following is a look at the latest trends and why they are each gaining in popularity.

Architectural Shingles

A shingle roof is one of the most common, and it is attractive due to its ability to provide years of protection. Architectural shingles are considered one of the highest quality products made and are constructed of a fiberglass base that is coated in ceramic covered granules that are adhered to a waterproof asphalt. Not only are they excellent at preventing water intrusions, but they provide a high-end look that gives a home modern curb appeal.

Slate Tiles

If a person is looking for a roof that will give a home old world charm and whimsy, then they may like the benefits of slate tiles. Slate is naturally occurring and forms when shale or mudstone is altered as a result of metamorphism. In addition to being visually attractive, it is also extremely durable which allows it to withstand the wrath of mother nature for more than a century before requiring replacement.

Tin Sheets

Of all the various materials used in Residential Roofing in Upper Arlington OH, few of them compare to tin. Its ability to provide years of protection is causing a resurgence of tin roofs across the country. Metal roofs are designed to withstand high winds and will likely not be damaged due to debris or hail. Though it is usually more expensive than asphalt shingles, it is intended to last as much as three times longer.

If the time has to come to select a roofing material, be sure to choose the highest quality material that a budget will allow. The team at J.F. Baker’s Sons has been a leading provider of quality roofing services for nearly 90 years. Browse our website to learn more or call today and speak with a professional roofing consultant.