Keep Your Marble Fireplaces in Huntington Beach, CA, Well-Maintained

Marble is a stunning material, and owners of marble fireplaces in Huntington Beach, CA, must make sure the surrounds are well-maintained. According to cleaning specialists at, soot on marble is more than smoky residue—its acid content can also cause corrosion. Therefore, it is important to keep the marble surrounding a fireplace in tip-top shape.

Marble Is a Porous Stone Material

To understand how marble should be maintained, you need to learn more about the material. Marble is a porous material that readily absorbs the liquids used to clean it. Therefore, traditional cleaning solutions, when absorbed by marble, can lead to damage. They can also crack the surface. For this reason, homeowners must have marble fireplaces specially cleaned.

Use a Very Soft Cloth

Using professional services is necessary as any abrasive materials, either rough brushes or cleaning products, can ruin the finish of marble. To clean marble fireplaces, a very soft cloth must be used to get rid of any surface dirt or dust. Doing so makes it easier to spot any stains such as soot.

Don’t Clean Marble with Baking Soda or Vinegar

To remove soot stains, it is best to either use the services of a professional cleaner or use a cleaning product that is designed especially for the stone. While there are many cleaning solutions that are used in the home to miraculously clean just about anything, these types of cleaners, as indicated, cannot be used on marble. Some of these cleaners include baking soda, which is abrasive, white vinegar, which is acidic, and limescale-remover products.

Contact a Cleaning Specialist

When it comes to cleaning marble fireplaces, you need to make sure you contact a company that knows how to bring back the luster and beauty of the stone without damaging the material. If you want to make sure the job is done right, contact a specialist who cleans both marble and wood. By taking this approach, you will maintain your investment and enhance and safeguard the looks of your fireplace.