How to Install Aluminum Framing Systems in Mount Laurel, NJ

Aluminum door frames are durable, weather resistant, and beautiful. They’re perfect for both exterior and interior doors and offer more noise protection than either wood or vinyl. If installed correctly, they can last for decades.

Most homeowners hire professionals to install their aluminum doors. Homeowners who have access to the right tools and have some experience with framing may find Aluminum Framing Systems Mount Laurel NJ residents can install themselves. Read on to find out about the installation process for help with deciding if it’s appropriate to hire a professional.

Step One

The first step is to check the door’s dimensions. Homeowners can accomplish this step using any accurate tape measure. Just measure the opening, then measure the frame to make sure that they will line up correctly.

Step Two

Next, lift the frame into the opening. The frame should have tabs along its sides. Homeowners can insert these tabs into the grooves in the frame’s top.

Step Three

Check to make sure that the top of the frame is level. If it is not level, raise or lower it as needed and insert wooden shims underneath the side if they are necessary. Once it’s level, insert screws through the guide holes in the frame’s top.

Step Four

Now check the sides of the frame. Make sure they are resting straight in the opening and that they are also level. Once they are, drive screws through the guide holes.

Step Five

Once they’ve inserted the frames and placed screws to hold them in place, property owners can cut off the ends of the shims used to level it. They should not extend past the door frame.

An Easier Alternative

Although most homeowners can install the Aluminum Framing Systems Mount Laurel NJ glass and door companies sell themselves, some prefer to hire a professional. This saves them time and effort and ensures that the frame is installed correctly.

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