Hospitality Industry Buyers Shape Future Furniture Industry Design Movement

by | Jun 27, 2024 | Furniture

A majority of hospitality furniture suppliers have typically been in a fairly tight space when it comes to the design of their materials. In a metaphorical sense, that’s because most companies that would buy their products have to ensure that large numbers of rooms all have exactly the same look to them. If something were to ever happen to one of their pieces of furniture, then it’s important that they have one that looks the same to replace it. At the same time, designers who fill the needs of these firms have had to deal with tight dimension guidelines as well.

An average hotel or motel room doesn’t have the biggest door, which means that all pieces that come from hospitality furniture suppliers have to be able to fit through them. These two disparate yet equally important design restrictions have had a dramatic impact on the industry as a whole. That’s because interior designers and decorators haven’t wanted to sacrifice functionality or style in favor of size. High-tech adjustments like integrated radio and clock consoles have helped to preserve advanced features in spite of the fact that the architects of these pieces seldom have much physical space to work with.

New types of laminates and other coverings have also helped them to provide their work with a degree of charm that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible with more traditional materials. Check out a catalog from top hospitality furniture suppliers when you visit A Squared Design Studio at their online web address and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram.

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