Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Flooring Repair In Manhattan

by | Jul 18, 2017 | Flooring

There are several flooring choices available to homeowners and many individuals choose beautiful wood for their floors. Even though this natural flooring material is very durable, it’s not uncommon for the planks to become scratched, broken or damaged in other ways. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn about wood floors, how they can become damaged and Wood Flooring Repair in Manhattan.

Are some types of hardwood floors more durable than others?

Wood planks that are used as flooring material are fabricated from various species of wood. Some hardwoods are harder, and therefore more durable than other types of wood. The hardest woods and ultimately the best choice for individuals who want a durable flooring material is a hickory, pecan, hard maple and white oak. Homeowners who install a wood floor in a room that doesn’t get much use often prefer the appearance of a softer wood species, such as cherry, elm, soft maple or sycamore.

What kinds of damage frequently occurs to wood flooring materials in the home?

Individuals who have inside dogs often have scratches on their wood floors due to the long nails of the animals. While many of these scratches may not be deep, they still damage the surface of the floor. If something heavy is dropped on the floor, it can crack or break one or more of the wood planks. Water damage to the floor is another reason why individuals often need to have their wood floor repaired by a professional.

Is it difficult to repair a hardwood floor and is the repair noticeable?

Companies that have experience with Wood Flooring Repair in Manhattan can quickly an easily replace the damaged wood planks and install new ones. After the repairs are finished, homeowners won’t be able to tell the difference between the existing planks and the new ones. Homeowners can get repairs done on any type of hardwood flooring material including the hardest and the softest types of wood.

Homeowners who need to have repairs done to their wood floor can contact the professionals at New York Wood Flooring. This experienced company also specializes in wood floor finishing, staining and installation services for their residential and commercial customers.

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