Everything You Need To Know About MDF Cabinet Doors

If new cabinetry is on the horizon for your home, you may be wondering how you’ll get through all the decisions. You’ve got a variety of styles, colors, and door options, which makes it tough. The first step is to decide between wood or MDF cabinet doors. Most people have heard of Medium-Density Fiberboard, but it can be confusing when you start researching it.

What It Is

Medium-density fiberboard is an engineered product made from wax, resin binders, and broken down wood bits. The panels are created with pressure and high temperatures. It is denser than particleboard and plywood, which makes it sturdier and stronger. However, it’s not quite as strong as full wood. Many cabinetry manufacturers prefer to use this product for many reasons.


MDF cabinet doors have many advantages over wood and other products. It is easier to maintain and clean because it doesn’t require additional staining and specialty cleaning products. It won’t fade, either, which means it will still look as good ten years from the day you install it.

The surface is very smooth and flat, which means it takes to paint and stain much better. Plus, it won’t feel scratchy when you run your hand over it.

Differences Between Wood And Fiberboard

While many people prefer the classic, warm style of wood, medium-density fiberboard does have many of the same qualities. However, it won’t have the rings or knots like authentic wood, which means the finished piece will look uniform instead of unique. Yet, you can always go crazy with the paint and add the rings, and knot features yourself.

MDF cabinet doors may not be talked about frequently, but can help you save money and still have beautiful cabinets. Visit Lovech Ltd. for more information today.