Designer Fabric: Give Your Walls a Sense of Fashion and Style

How would you like to give the spaces in your home an exquisite new sense of style without spending a load of money? Your interior walls cover more area than any other surface in your home, and they can set the mood and style of a room from warm and colorful to cool and bright or dark and soft and anything in between. Your walls can give your rooms a contemporary feel or vintage appeal, or a bold style or creative flair. Designer fabric wallcoverings, drapes and upholstery, and architectural paints or one of the new dry-erase wallcoverings can reinvent the style of any room in your house.

What Are Designer Fabrics Anyway?

The term “designer fabric” sounds fashionable rolling off the tongue, but just what is it that makes a fabric one of the “designer” variety? The simple answer is that a designer fabric is one that has been developed by a premier fabric designer such as Grethe Sorensen or Mae Engelgeer or premier studios such as Vescom or WG Design Studio. Characterised by novel prints and high-quality fabrics, designer fabrics add exquisite taste to whatever application they are used for. Some wallcoverings use vinyl to simulate designer fabrics, which can be useful in matching a wallcovering to the upholstery on custom couches and other furniture.

Looking for a Wallcovering Out of the Ordinary?

As if the idea of custom matching your wallpaper to the fabric on your upholstery or drapes isn’t innovative or creative enough, imagine a wallcovering made from an exotic material, one that you can customize yourself, or one that you can even draw, sketch, and write on. What would make a child (or parent) happier than having a designated wall in his or her room that the child could doodle and draw on anytime and merely wipe off with a cloth later? Materials such as cork, silk, hemp, or crushed mica and many others can make your rooms, entryways, and hallways look like custom designer masterpieces.