Customizing Features With New Home Builders In New Haven, IN

New Home Builders In New Haven IN can construct a house with a standard floor plan and features or custom-build the place for clients who have specifics in mind. Those clients may want a floor plan they have worked up and they may prefer certain features, like a particular wood for the cabinetry. They may want certain window styles and materials as well.

An advantage of choosing a building contractor such as Lancia Homes is that this type of company includes high-quality features as standard in a large number of floor plans.

An Example

For example, property owners who want wood windows with vinyl exterior cladding can choose a plan in which that is standard, or they can have it added to their custom design. Property owners increasingly opt for these products so they can have the beauty of natural wood indoors and the protection of vinyl outside.

Without metal or vinyl cladding, wood has to be painted or stained regularly to prevent rotting due to moisture and ultraviolet light. If the homeowners get behind on this project, some of the window frames might eventually need replacement. Also, wood is also vulnerable to insects and rodents chewing on the material and causing damage.

Clients of New Home Builders In New Haven IN have the option to add bursts of color for the window frames that make them really stand out. For instance, the exterior of a blue slate house can be further enhanced with chocolate or tan frames instead of the more common white and beige. The clients might decide to have two bow windows installed in front instead of the flat glass that is standard for the design they prefer.

Other Custom Features

All the other features can be fully customized or standard with some customization. The clients can decide on the roofing shingle colors and patterns as well as additional plumbing features not typically included. That might be something as small as an extra spigot on the exterior of the house or as large as a master bathroom with a garden tub and double shower. Visit the website to learn more about one building contractor. You can join us at Linkedin.