Certified Arborists for Tree Cabling in Elliott City MD

Keeping trees strong and healthy, providing treatments to improve growth rate, and saving weakened trees with bracing or Tree Cabling in Elliott City MD cannot be done properly by landscaping professionals. It takes certified specialists. An arborist is needed for disease identification, treatment, and remedial planning. A safety specialist has the skills required to keep people, structures, utility lines, and other trees safe while work is done.

More Specialists

Certified tree climbers, aerial lift specialists, and shaping specialists are also needed to provide full-service tree care from the roots to the tops. All these specialists working along side professional landscaping designers, builders, and maintenance technicians can transform plain spaces into yards of which property owners dream. The combination provides endless possibilities. The yard can become a personal sanctuary, an entertaining hot spot, or a place to exercise creativity and practice gardening skills of your own.

Storm Damage

Storm damage is a major cause of weakening trees. Wires break and get tangled around branches, the weight of ice, pressure of winds, or the effects of heavy rains can wear down the strength of the top half of the tree. The impact of debris during a hurricane can cause a tree to lean toward one side or suffer damage to the roots. The use of tree cabling in Elliott City MD can help save trees, as can bracing and fortification.

The difference between saving the tree and losing it comes down to a matter of time. If cabling and bracing is completed as soon as possible after storm damage, there is a better chance the tree will rebound and become healthy again. Waiting a week or two while deciding to save it or have it cleared allows for further damage to occur. By that time, clearing it may be the only option. Emergency tree services are offered for this reason.

Get Advice and Selection Assistance from Certified Arborists

When people visit Ballard Enterprises, they can view a large selection and purchase trees, shrubs, flowers, plants, garden furniture, and many more high-quality products. Certified and professional staff are available to answer questions, provide recommendations, and give advice to do-it-yourself property owners. Stop by, have fun, and get creative.