Booking Waste Removal Services in San Antonio TX Before a Big Move

Waste Removal Services in San Antonio TX are available when people are planning to move out of a big house after many years living there. A household tends to gather a lot of stuff over time, much of which is not needed or even wanted. The people planning this move will want to hire a garbage removal service that separates the recyclables from the trash, so they don’t have to bother with this.

Convenient Timing

Municipal trash pickup services commonly allow residents to put out furniture and other larger items on a few dates during the year. However, that typically won’t coincide with the dates that people are planning to move out of the house. With the convenience of a dumpster or roll-off container from private Waste Removal Services in San Antonio TX, they can spend a weekend or a week getting rid of all the worthless stuff they don’t want to bring along.

Common Restrictions

Some items may not be allowed in the container, depending on the company. Others might require an additional fee. When contacting the waste removal company, questions should be asked about belongings like broken-down appliances, old TV sets, used mattresses and building materials. As do-it-yourself projects are completed over the years, the leftover supplies tend to accumulate in a garage or shed. Flammable and other hazardous materials are prohibited since they could create a dangerous situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The website of a company like Tiger Sanitation has a section for frequently asked questions that may provide all the answers customers need to know. This can be viewed at If they can’t find the information they need, however, they should not hesitate to ask a representative.

Donations and Yard Sales

Customers are encouraged to donate usable items to a charitable organization instead of throwing them in a dumpster. They might have a yard sale one weekend and then haul whatever is left to the charity. Some organizations pick up furniture and other items that people who are struggling can use. The items might go in a thrift shop to raise money or be provided directly to families and individuals. You can also connect them on Facebook.