Basic Terms To Know When Shopping For Window Replacement Options

If you have not been shopping for windows for a while, you may be surprised at the terms and specific jargon that is used in the questions you will hear from sales reps in Rohnert Park renovation companies and material suppliers.

Today’s windows include a lot of different styles and options, as well as some very technical terms that are essential in finding the right window replacement options for your home. To help you with the basics, here are a few essential terms to know before getting started. Top suppliers, like Northwest Exteriors, always take the time to explain window terms and information to their customers.

Low-E Glass

This is a coating that is applied to the surface of the glass. If you have older windows, there is a lot of heat that comes in through the glass, particularly in the hot afternoons in Rohnert Park.

The Low-E or low-emissivity glass coating acts as a filter and blocks out the UV ranges from the sun as well as the heat energy. However, it does not block the natural light, so it is a better option than window screens in keeping the interior of the home cool.

Double and Triple Pane

Double pane windows or triple pane windows also called double or triple glazed windows, are another option to consider. Both are highly energy efficient, with up to a fifty percent reduction in heat coming in through the triple glaze options.

As a window replacement both are considered energy efficient options. These windows can have air circulation between the panes to help with temperature regulation. They can also be filled with a gas, and argon is the most common. The gas acts as an additional insulator, eliminating the heat from the exterior of the home from coming through the windows, an important consideration for large window replacement projects in any home.