Amana Distinction Air Conditioners Can Keep Homes And Business Cool

Everyone wants to be cool when the heat and humidity are soaring outside. With Amana Distinction Air Conditioners, home and business owners can enjoy the comfort of cool air and a comfortable environment. An energy-efficient air conditioner can lower energy costs without turning the thermostat up. The heat and humidity can increase in Florida at any time, and it is important to be ready with a properly operating air conditioning system.

With a quality air conditioner, an owner will never have to worry about breakdowns. In addition, quality air conditioners are durable and will last for many years to come. Proper maintenance is also important to extend the life of an air conditioning system.

SEER Ratings Of An Amana Air Conditioner

An SSX14 Amana Distinction Air Conditioners have a fourteen SEER rating. The higher the SEER number, the more efficient the unit will be. The distinction air conditioner has easy access so cleaning can be performed in no time at all. The unit also has an ETL listing and AHRI certification.

The SSX14 distinction air conditioner is housed in a sturdy steel cabinet that is protected with gray powder and a dryer for the filter. Noise will never be a problem with this type of air conditioning system because a sound blanket has been installed over the compressor. The Amana Distinction air conditioner is environmentally friendly with its high SEER rating.

GSX14 Distinctions Air Conditioner

Amana also makes this type of air conditioner. It has many of the great features the SSX14 has. This unit costs less and is ideal for individuals who are on a limited budget.

GSX13 Distinctions Air Conditioner

When an owner is looking for a superior and cost-effective unit, the GSX13 is a great choice. This unit is quiet during operation and comes with a ten-year warranty. The steel coil guards will protect the coils against damage. It also has a sound-control top.

Do not spend your valuable time attempting to repair an old and less-efficient air conditioner, when an Amana air conditioner will provide you with lower costs and a comfortable home or business. For more information, please visit . You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.