Aluminium Fencing: Perfect For Homeowners Everywhere

by | Nov 13, 2018 | Screen Store

While many homeowners know that they want a fence, they aren’t sure what material to use or how it should look. Aluminium fencing is highly beneficial because it’s lightweight, but still sturdy enough to withstand severe weather and attempts to break it. It’s also highly durable, which means it will withstand the test of time. The metal itself is resistant to corrosion, which means you don’t have to worry that the rain dumps on it or that it sits so close to the ground.

While aluminium fencing is known for its rust-resistance, it’s a double-edged sword. You can rest easy knowing that water won’t hurt it, but you can also ensure that it looks good for many years to come. You can find bespoke options from many companies and suppliers, which allows you to choose the colour, size of the panel, and width of the panels, as well. You can choose to have the slats close together or far apart, allowing you to see outside (though people can also see inside). Therefore, if your primary focus is privacy, you may want to choose slats that fit snugly against each other to protect your privacy and keep neighbours and people passing by from being able to see you.

At SP Screens, they have Xcell privacy screens and gate systems that allow you to keep your property safe and keep your privacy intact. While they call them screens, they are actually aluminium fencing, which uses a slat system. You can choose the options that work for you, which gives you the flexibility to make it your own. Plus, you can choose colours that match your home or add whimsy to the space. If you’re ready, you can book an appointment to get a free quote and measurement, allowing you to take the next step.

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