What Are the Advantages of Wrought Iron Exterior Doors?

If you are considering replacing a wooden or glass exterior door with a wrought iron door, you may be curious about the advantages of exterior wrought iron doors. Iron doors can be much more durable and secure and are also still distinctive when used on a home in most neighborhoods. These doors allow you to attain any level of privacy you desire and can still allow natural light into your home. Here are three major advantages of wrought iron exterior doors.

Exceptional Strength

Iron doors are one of the strongest choices for exterior door design. Look for doors with 12 to 14 gauge iron. Higher gauges may not be as strong as 12 gauge iron, which is often considered to be the ideal thickness for durable and secure exterior iron doors. Some of the highest quality iron doors feature three heavy-duty ball-bearing hinges as well as compression locks that can withstand up to 2,000 pounds of pressure. The strength of these doors allows them to endure adverse weather and protect your family.

Unique Designs

One of the best ways to make your home stand out is to choose a unique iron door design. You may be able to find the right door among a wide variety of available stock designs. Some companies also offer the option to create a custom design that is perfectly suited to your home. Regardless of the design you choose, iron doors are bold and imposing while also being attractive and inviting. Any home can be enhanced by the right single iron door or set of double iron doors.

Complete Privacy

Most iron doors provide a lot of coverage. Doors with scroll work or designs usually also often feature glass panes. Look for high-quality exterior wrought iron doors with privacy glass that admits natural light into your home while still providing the most privacy possible. Many iron door manufacturers use double-paned glass, but some use only one layer of textured glass on the exterior and a layer of clear glass on the interior, which limits the privacy of these door designs. Look for exterior iron doors with two textured panes to achieve the most complete privacy.

There are many advantages to wrought iron exterior doors, from strength and appearance to privacy features. If you decide to switch out traditional wooden or glass doors for a single iron door or a set of double iron doors, you are likely to appreciate these features and many other advantages.