The Advantages of Plastic Roofing as Installed by a Commercial Roofer in Nashville

by | Jun 27, 2017 | Roofing

Shingles are relatively uncommon for roofs on commercial establishments. Many of those businesses have flat roofs, which have traditionally been covered in materials like a rubber product or modified bitumen. Pitched roofs on commercial buildings are often made of metal since these roofs last substantially longer than most other roofing materials. A Commercial Roofer in Nashville may also construct the upper building covering from various plastic components that have become more popular in recent years because of distinct advantages. Plastic roofing is becoming more prevalent for residences as well as for commercial buildings.

In the industry, these structures are known as thermoplastic roof membranes. They have complicated technical names to designate one from another, such as polyvinyl chloride and thermoplastic olefin. The building owner may not need to become extensively educated about the different options before hiring a Commercial Roofer in Nashville, just as homeowners usually don’t learn a great deal about asphalt shingles before placing an order.

The idea of a plastic roof may bring to mind a cheap-looking structure, but that is an unfounded assumption. The material is available in numerous colors and styles, giving it a more upscale appearance than the standard black or gray roofs so prevalent on business buildings. It can be made to look like tile, stone, cedar shakes, or even asphalt shingles. Consider that laminate flooring is an increasingly popular choice because it can be designed to look almost exactly like wood and other common flooring materials.

Polyvinyl and other plastic used for this purpose are durable and long-lasting. Consider that plumbers now use plastic pipes for a variety of purposes and often replace old metal pipes with new plastic ones. PVC pipes don’t corrode like metal does. Plumbers also like its flexibility, and that is an advantage for roofs too. People can walk on it without the risk of it breaking. Plastic is also superb at blocking water, which is a significant advantage for roofing.

No matter what kind of roof the building owner is interested in having installed, they can contact a business such as The H.E. Parmer Company and ask about getting an estimate. Please visit the website us to learn more about this particular contractor.

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