A Fresh Take – Rise Up and Benefit from New Windows in Barrington, IL

Glass-panel windows are the cornerstones of a home, but many people never try to replace them. There are a few reasons why it pays to replace outdated windows.

New Windows Save More Energy

Old, poorly insulated windows waste energy on a daily basis. If your windows creek or stall when you try to open them, it’s time to upgrade.

Today, energy-efficient windows in Barrington, IL with dual panels exist, and they come in many shapes and sizes. If you replace one old window in your home with a brand-new, energy-efficient window, you’ll be one step closer to big savings on your utility bill.

Big Advantages for Your HVAC Equipment

To better understand how your windows relate to your HVAC equipment, follow these steps. First, grab a candle and light it. Then, hold the flame next to the window seal and observe it closely. If the flame moves back and forth, the window is not fully insulated.

The air from a poorly insulated window can interfere with your HVAC unit during its heating and cooling cycles, and this can put excessive stress on the equipment. In time, the system could break down, but brand-new windows can prevent this.

Improved Safety and Security

Newer windows are tougher and stronger than windows of the past. They come with denser glass panels, dependable locks, and other cutting-edge security features.

The Clear Path to New Windows

If you’d like to weigh your options for windows in Barrington, IL, contact Olson Window, Doors, Siding, & Roofing.