3 Signs Your Roof is Shot

It’s all too easy to forget about your roofing problems. The only time you start to pay attention is when you see the signs. If you find any of the following to be true in your case, then it’s time to hire a roofing contractor in Santa Ana CA to help you determine how long your roof has got, which replacement is ideal for your home, and how soon can you get one.

It’s more than two decades old

A good asphalt shingle roof can last for about twenty to thirty years, Good Housekeeping says. However, if yours is already twenty-five years old, then there may be a lot of things you’ll need to fix in your roof. Even if it looks good from the ground, a thirty or forty-year-old roof is going to give you problems.

It’s got too many problems

If you’ve never paid for any small repairs and roof maintenance, your roofing system may show wear and damage much sooner than you expected. Lack of proper care can lead your roof to collapse, even if it hasn’t reached the twenty-year mark. You’ll need to start talking to a roofing contractor in Santa Ana CA to check out your roof and determine if further repairs are going to help or if you should start thinking about investing in a new one.

The shingles are curling or missing

A missing shingle isn’t much of a problem. A skilled contractor can fix that easily enough. But if entire shingles are missing or if your shingles are curling, those are all signs of extensive damage. You’ll want to put your time, effort and money in getting a new roof over your head.

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