3 Qualities You Want in Hurricane Shutters

by | May 8, 2019 | Home Improvement

Living in an area where hurricanes are more likely to occur means making sure your property is prepared. One way you can prepare your property is by investing in hurricane shutters. The hurricane shutters must be in place in order to ensure your home is adequately protected. As you begin the search, keep these three qualities in mind.

The Right Design

You may find that at combination of more than one design will work best in terms of protecting your house and its contents. Most of our customers like the roll-down design, especially when they have picture widows or patio doors to think about. Along with those, accordion shutters are also effective for various types of windows and other points of entry.

The Proper Approvals

As you look at different options for hurricane shutters, make sure they have the proper approvals. This is just as important as selecting a contractor who is properly licensed and certified to handle the installation. For example, you only want to look at shutters with a Florida Product Approval or NOA. Doing this can ensure that durable hurricane shutters are installed in your home for long lasting protection. Hurricane shutters without this type of approval are not worth your investment.

The Ability to Hold Up Against High Winds and Flying Debris

Durability is key when it comes to hurricane protection. Punta Gorda has high winds and flying debris. The hurricane shutters installed need to be durable enough to protect your property. Shutters that are durable translate into less potential damage to your home. Focus on shutters that meet or exceed local standards for withstanding category 3 or 4 hurricanes.

Are you prepared for hurricane season? Together, we can make sure your home is protected and your family is safe. Now is the time to ensure nothing is overlooked. From screen rooms to panels and roll-downs, we have it all.

The team at Harper’s 1980, LLC. is ready to help.

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