3 Modern Looks For Hardwood Flooring

One of the benefits of the internet is having access to various blogs, articles, websites, and professionals. Websites like Home Solutionz provide a central area for people interested in home improvement and renovation to share information and to find out new ideas.

A very hot trend in home renovations in the Chandler area, as well as across the country, is the use of hardwood flooring. While traditional types of hardwood floors are beautiful and classic in their appeal and style, there are some new trends that are perfect for a home that is renovated to be more contemporary or modern.

Old Is New

One of the unique looks for hardwood flooring is the reclaimed wood look. This can be both natural wood or engineered hardwood floor options, but it has that unique, one of a kind look to the surface.

Reclaimed wood is not uniform in color and can have several variations in the coloration of each board. There is also the possibility to look for a most distressed look which may also be called weathered wood.

Wide Plank Flooring

Traditional types of hardwood floors tend to feature narrow to medium width boards. A new look in hardwood flooring is to use a wide plank, which creates more of a rustic or farmhouse type of design element. This is a great option matched with modern furniture and pops of color, and it can equally blend with neutral colors and other wood elements in a home.

The Beauty of White Oak

In the Chandler area, white oak hardwood floors are found throughout new and renovated homes. This is not a true white, but rather a very light wood tone that is a perfect option in kitchens and living spaces in the home.

White oak is more neutral than red oak or hickory and tends to have a less visible grain. It is the perfect complement for any color palette and can be found in traditional styles of planks or wide plank options.