Your Questions Answered About Refrigerator Repair In Shrewsbury MA

When you open your refrigerator door and your food isn’t as cold as it should be, you know immediately that there’s a problem with the appliance. Refrigerator repairs must be made as soon as possible or the food that’s inside will ruin. Below you’ll read frequently asked questions about common refrigerator issues and when you need to contact an experienced professional for Refrigerator Repair in Shrewsbury MA.

Q.) What’s wrong with a refrigerator that doesn’t stay cold enough?

A.) If you’ve turned up the temperature dial in the refrigerator and it still doesn’t keep your food cold, this is a sign that the compressor is not working properly. If the compressor has quit working, it’s time to purchase a new refrigerator. If you notice frost on the back portion of the freezer, the evaporator coil is frozen. A frozen coil prevents airflow, and this causes the refrigerator and freezer compartments to warm up. A technician can look at the appliance and make any needed repairs.

Q.) Why does the freezer section of the refrigerator make a buzzing sound?

A.) If you hear this strange sound every time the freezer door is opened, it could be an issue with the evaporator fan. When ice builds up, the fan blades may make an odd sound when they rotate against the ice. If ice isn’t interfering with the blades, the fan may be worn out. Another refrigerator issue that can cause a buzzing sound is an electrical problem. A professional should always be called to examine any electrical issues with an appliance.

Q.) Why does water drip from the top of the refrigerator?

A.) When there’s water dripping inside the refrigerator, the defrost drain is clogged. A technician who specializes in Refrigerator Repair in Shrewsbury MA will have to remove the back of the freezer compartment and clear any obstructions that are in the opening at the bottom of the evaporator coils.

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