Three Ways Installing a Steel Fence Makes Your Property More Secure

The old adage about good fences making even better neighbors holds true today. They define property lines and create a clear division of responsibility. A steel fence can be installed on an incline or decline without creating unsightly and abrupt elevation changes, making it a good choice for properties with uneven turf. Consider these three ways in which steel fencing in Potomac, MD, can make your property more secure.

Strong Gate
Steel fencing can have a steel gate attached to it. These gates are stronger than a wood or vinyl option. They are difficult to bend, and it is next to impossible to pry the slats apart. These gates stay intact even if they are hit by a small vehicle, and many of them remain intact after a considerable impact from a large vehicle. This prevents anyone from ramming the gate in order to access your property.

Withstands Weather
Another way that steel fencing in Potomac, MD, enhances your property’s security is through its durability. The powder coating and aluminum finish on the steel enhances the fence’s sturdiness. Even if a strong storm comes through, the fence is unlikely to be blown over. On the other hand, vinyl and wood fences easily come down in wind gusts. Your steel fence will stay up, maintaining your property’s security.

Extended Height
Steel fences are available in extended heights of up to 10 to 12 feet. This is taller than most other types of fence materials. If you need to prevent people from scaling over a barrier, a tall fence is a wise choice. The finials and posts on each spike of the fence also increase the difficulty of climbing it. The height and spike edges work together to enhance your property’s security.

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