Stove Not Working? It May Be Time to Call for Help

by | May 15, 2018 | Appliance Repair

Like most people, you probably buy your stove and use it with little to no regard to how it works. So long as it functions without a hitch, then you’re happy. If you start spotting signs of trouble, though, that means you need help. Scroll through the checklist of questions to find out if it’s time to call a stove repair service in Metairie.

  • Check the glass tops? Are there any cracks?
  • Are the control boards working properly? Does it display the correct information?
  • Are the controls working?
  • Are the burners properly heating up?
  • Are the burners heating up too much, though?
  • Do you see smoke coming out of the stove when it’s on?
  • If you have metal coil ranges: Are the burners rusted? Are they corroded?
  • If you own a gas range: Are the burners rusted or corroded?
  • Are the burners igniting or not?
  • Are all the burners working or do you have just one working burner on your stove?

How to deal with the problem

It’s easy enough to keep your stoves in good condition. Read on to know how.

  • Clean those spills up. Wipe up spills and debris as quickly as possible. When you do, though, be careful not to touch the igniter. Otherwise, you could get the ports clogged and that could be why your unit is performing poorly, Woman’s Day says.
  • Call for maintenance checks. If you want to avoid costly repairs, then calling in pros to do regular maintenance checks on your stove is a good idea. That way, minor problems can be fixed right away. That’s going to prevent further damage to your stove.
  • Research. Make sure you’re hiring a trustworthy stove repair service in Metairie. Do your homework and check out the company’s background before you take them on. That’s going to help you make smart hiring decisions.

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