Signs Residential Garage Door Openers in Valrico, FL. Have Been Damaged by Lightning

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Garage Door Supplier

Did you know that thunder is produced by lightning or that the brilliant “bolts” you see across the sky are actually only approximately one inch in diameter and that they can be tens of miles long? Also, trees, such as the maple, oak, and pine, are natural conductors of lightning due to their extreme height, as well as their root systems which are designed in a way that will dissipate the charge. While lightning is quite impressive, it is also completely unpredictable and, as a result, it is estimated that almost one out of every 200 homes are going to be struck by a lightning bolt every year.

One electronic device that has a high risk of significant damage due to lighting is your garage door opener. Since lighting is able to travel through your electrical outlets, Ethernet cables, and phone jacks, it can easily short out your appliances, causing you to have to replace your residential garage door openers in Valrico, FL.

One way to prevent this damage is by using surge protectors. These are designed to plug right into your outlet and limit the total amount of voltage that can go to the electronic devices powered by either shorting or blocking an unwanted voltage at a safe threshold. While you may be using power strips already in your garage, it does not mean that they have built in surge protection. You should be sure this is what you have by reading the manufacturer’s description.

If you do not invest in a surge protector, which will likely only cost you about $15, you may experience hundreds of dollars in damages and repairs. Some of the most common signs that residential garage door openers have been hit by lightning include:

  • An opener that is functioning erratically
  • A keypad or remote that has completely stopped working
  • LED lights that are not lit up
  • An opener that acts like it does not have power when there is power going to the outlet

If you notice any of these symptoms, replacement is imminent. You can learn more if you contact Business Name. Understanding the symptoms will help ensure you know when replacement is necessary.

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