Quality Work when Roof Replacement in Topeka, KS is Required

Not many homeowners like the prospect of having to replace their roof. It’s an expensive process that is usually unplanned. However, when it comes to Roof Replacement in Topeka KS, there are a few things that a homeowner will need to consider.

The first aspect of Roof Replacement in Topeka KS is making sure that a reputable roofing service is contracted to handle the job. There are many stories of untrustworthy roofing services that do poor quality work or do no work at all and still pocket a homeowner’s money. By being careful about reputation and licensing, a homeowner can ensure that they choose the right roofing company that will give them everything that they are paid for when it comes to replacing an existing roof.

When replacing the roof, the surface materials are the first things to be removed. For example, if the roof is constructed out of asphalt shingles, the shingles will be removed. There is typically a layer of tar paper underneath the shingles that is tacked down onto a plywood substrate material. If the roof is substantially damaged and water has damaged the substrate materials, many times, the plywood substrate material will be removed and replaced as well.

If the plywood is still in good condition the roofing company will usually skip this step or replace various sections of the plywood if needed to avoid higher replacement costs. It’s important that a homeowner knows the terms of their agreement with the roofer, however. Many roofing companies will include replacing the substrate materials entirely in their estimate and charge for it, even if it’s not replaced.

From there, a new layer of tar paper is typically laid down over a new substrate plywood base or existing plywood and tar paper. From there, the new shingles are installed and this completes the replacement of a roof. When any roofing company takes shortcuts in these situations without good reason, it likely indicates that a homeowner has hired the wrong roofer.

Whether it’s going on the reputation of a roofing company or the type of job the homeowner notices them doing when replacing the roof, getting a reputable roofer is essential. Not only can you get the most value for your money, you’ll also be solving your roofing problems for many years to come. For a great local roofer, contact Business Name today.