Getting Your Home Ready for the New Season

by | Apr 18, 2019 | Home Improvement

The turn of the season means it is time to weatherize your home. Making your home ready for the upcoming weather requires you to look at all of the exterior part and repair, replace, or upgrade those that may not make it through another blustery season.

Along with nailing down loose shingles, raking your yard, and repairing guttering, you also may need to replace the screens and glass on some or all of your windows. With professional window replacement San Rafael homeowners like you can keep your home comfortable and cozy all season long and keep your utility bills as low as possible.

If you wonder if you need services like window replacement San Rafael homeowners like you might evaluate the condition of both the screens and windows. If you see tears and holes in the screens, for example, you may decide it is time to have these parts of your window replaced. Torn or holey window screens let in elements like the cold and wind. They also allow bugs and debris from the outside to get inside of your home.

The glass too should be evaluated for its integrity and durability for the upcoming season. Glass with chips and cracks in it may not endure another season of high winds and flying debris. It could be a matter of time before a window pane shatters and needs to be replaced entirely.

Rather than wait for disaster to strike your windows, you can get a jump on replacing them by hiring professionals for the job. Professional window installers can come to your home first thing in the morning and take out the old windows and screens. They will trim down and sand the wooden panes and seal the window glass into place. Your home will be comfortable thanks to new windows.

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