FAQ’s for the Consumer Regarding Window Installation in Naperville IL

Whether building a new home or updating an existing one, when it comes to Window Installation in Naperville IL, may homeowners have concerns regarding the process. In order to make the best decision for their home, the homeowner must be an informed customer. The following are some FAQ’s regarding window installation that may be of help.

* Is it time for window replacement? – Indicators that a home’s windows may need replacement include hard to open or close windows, drafts around the windows, condensation or ice build up between the panes, the indoor temperature is difficult to maintain, outside noise is more noticeable, or paint is chipping off the frame.

* What a type of frame to choose – The qualities to look for in a window frame are durability, insulating properties, maintenance required, and appearance. Wood frames are the cream of the crop when it comes to window frames. When it comes to appearance, wood windows are unrivaled, and as such, are the most expensive option. Vinyl frames are durable and easy to maintain but tend to warp. Aluminum frames are strong but offer almost no insulating benefits. Fiberglass window frames offer superior strength and insulation.

* Are there any energy-saving benefits to upgrading windows? – Absolutely. Research indicates that almost 30-percent of energy costs escapes through windows. Older windows and non-insulated glass do little to prevent heat/cool air loss to the outside. Improved technology such as insulated frames and inert gas-filled window panes minimize the energy loss. The result is lower heating and cooling costs.

* Do all the windows need to be replaced? – Certainly not. However, in order to achieve the maximum energy saving benefits, full replacement is preferable. That being said, even replacing just a few windows will afford some energy savings.

* Does the same style of window need to be used? – Not necessarily. Sometimes the architecture of a home dictates the style of Window Installation in Naperville IL, but typically a combination of shapes and styles can be used to create a unique appearance. Imagine replacing an average living room window with a handsome bay window with built-in window seats.

Get more information by visiting a window contractor to discuss the options available such as manufacturers, frame material, colors and finishes, and styles. Updating the windows increases a home’s curb appeal and market value, not mention the sense of pride for the homeowner.