Deciding on the Best Wood Species From a Flooring Store in Longmont

by | Apr 1, 2019 | Flooring

Homeowners may know they want wood flooring when they remodel the house, but they may not be sure which type of material would be best for reaching their overall design goals. Representatives with a Flooring Store in Longmont that installs wood floors can answer questions about the various options so the customers can make a more informed decision.

Species and Colors

The good news is that any type of hardwood from a Flooring Store in Longmont adds to the beauty of the home and also creates a durable surface. Homeowners can find a broad range of colors in virtually any wood panels and planks. Some men and women prefer a darker hue while others love the bright look of lighter wood. They can accomplish either of these goals with oak, hickory, maple, and many other species.

Minimizing Color Changes

People who want to minimize color changes that occur naturally over time will prefer common species like hickory and oak. Cherry wood, in contrast, tends to have more noticeable color changes.

Color change for wood flooring is mainly due to sun exposure. Placing rugs over areas that receive many hours of sunlight a day is a preventive measure, as those spots will change color more rapidly than the other areas.

Appreciating a Seasoned Character

Many people like the sun-caused seasoning of the wood and appreciate the subtle differences as the flooring becomes older. They feel that these natural developments enhance the beauty of the wood and give it extra character.

In fact, many homeowners choose wood that is new but looks antique. It gives the room a certain aesthetic quality the homeowners don’t find with wood that obviously is brand new.


Installation of wood floors by a company such as Aesthetic Flooring & Hard Surfaces is a longer process than most other types of flooring installation. Floors that have been finished at the factory can be installed faster than wood that will be finished at the home since several layers of finish must be applied. Each must be allowed to dry before the next coating begins. Information on this supplier of hardwood floors can be viewed at the website Website. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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