Custom Windows in Kettering OH for Boosting Residential Security

Homeowners who are worried about security may want certain features associated with Custom Windows in Kettering OH. These individuals may have recently purchased an older home that doesn’t have the level of security they prefer. For instance, perhaps none of the windows have locks on them. If any of these windows should be replaced for one reason or another, automatically locking windows can be installed. The interior frame can easily be opened so people inside may enjoy fresh air during nice weather, but it locks as soon as the window is closed. Any windows that will remain in place can have locks added to the frame. Windows that slide up and down receive a locking mechanism on top of the lower sash, while those that slide horizontally receive a lock in the middle of an interior frame. Windows that crank outward or pull inward also can be equipped with locks.

Locks may be enough to deter intruders since the would-be intruder now must break a window to enter the building. The noise may call attention to the activity. However, in neighborhoods where nearly everyone is gone during the day or nobody is likely to notice the noise, installation of laminated glass in Custom Windows in Kettering OH may be advisable. This glass is highly resistant to impact. The house may not need impact-resistant glass in all the windows, but this feature could be a preventive measure in windows low enough to the ground for someone to easily climb through. It’s an attractive alternative to having bars put over these windows, a strategy most people don’t want to resort to in a residential setting. They may be willing to have decorative security bars placed over the basement windows, but that’s about all.

Impact- resistant custom windows from a supplier such as Window City Plus can be purchased in high-efficiency models that reduce utility bills while boosting security. This design comes with extra insulation compared with most windows. Laminated glass has the added benefit of reducing exterior noise, which is especially appreciated in a neighborhood with a lot of vehicular traffic.