What Does a Centipede Exterminator in Freehold, NJ do to Remove Problem Insects?

Most homeowners know that, when their homes have become infested with just about any kind of bug, it’s high time to call an exterminator, and centipedes are no exception. These creepy crawlies can infiltrate through even extremely small cracks in door frames and windows and can be next to impossible to remove without professional help. Anyone interested in hiring a Centipede Exterminator in Freehold NJ might be interested in learning a little bit more about the valuable services they provide, so read on to find out how an exterminator can help.

Identification of the Source of Infestation

Since centipedes are small, it can be difficult to determine just how they are getting into the house to begin with, but this step is essential in coming up with a plan of action for removing them and preventing reinfestation. A professional exterminator will have received specialized training in identifying the insects themselves and their points of access to the home.

Application of Insecticides

Often, insecticides must be applied both inside and outside of the home to kill any centipedes that are currently present and to prevent more from getting in. Both chemical and natural insecticides can be applied as a barrier around the household, and once this has been accomplished, any centipedes that do make it inside will be killed almost immediately.

Closing Off Entry Points

All centipede infestations begin outside the home, so finding out where they are coming from and sealing up their entry points can make a huge difference when it comes to preventing future infestations. A Centipede Exterminator in Freehold NJ can caulk the spaces around windows and doors, seal foundation cracks, and apply weather stripping to discourage further centipede intrusions.

Get Started Today

Once centipedes have been spotted in the home, it’s only a matter of time before the problem escalates to a full-blown infestation. Learn more about spotting these signs early and find out when it is appropriate to take proactive action by calling in a professional exterminator. Contact Dynamic Pest Control for more information or call to schedule an initial evaluation to determine what steps will be required to get rid of those centipedes for good.