Call A Bathroom Remodeling Service In Manhattan, NY

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Bathroom Remodeler

Luxury is a key theme in design and remodeling. Imagine, installing a chandelier in the bathroom. Well, that is what some people are doing. They want to give the bathroom a spa-like feeling. A Bathroom Remodeling Service Manhattan NY works with clients who want to update the home. Homeowners may need to enlarge the bathroom. That is because huge walk-in showers are in demand. People work hard and it is understandable that they want to relax. Showerheads are the main component in luxury showers. Consumers may choose from dual showerheads and body sprayers.

To achieve the spa-like feel, the shower should have space for a bench. This is a must in many remodels. Further, showers are available that release steam. A representative from bathroom remodeling service  in Manhattan NY explains a steam generator must be installed. People who prefer bathtubs should consider a freestanding tub. Some of the latest models are two feet deep and have a built-in spot for the arms. These tubs add a peaceful, welcoming feeling in the room. Individuals can keep their feet warm by ordering radiant-heat flooring. The system is installed below the floor. Likewise, take advantage of heated towel bars. Get out of the tub and step on a warm floor. Next, wrap yourself in a warm towel.

Light is important in the bathroom. If there are no windows, consider adding one or a skylight. Indeed, skylights offer ventilation as well as light. Designers at Bathroom Remodeling Service Manhattan NY know about the latest fixtures. Replace the old vanity with a floating model. Floating vanities are longer and do not go all the way to the floor. The lines are cleaner and the extra space can be used for storage. People who want to live green can choose new energy-efficient plumbing. Investigate high-performance dual-flush toilets. The toilets have two settings. As a result, the homeowner can change the usage setting. This lowers the amount of water used when flushing. Further, there are toilets available with an automatic scouring feature. Anyone interested in updating should visit Beyond Design & Remodeling in Manhattan NY. Do not forget to ask the faucets that turn on with just a tap of the finger.

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