Breathe Easier With Air Duct Cleaning In Chicago IL

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Home & Garden

Have you had any air duct cleaning in Chicago in the past year? Although it may not be the time of year when you use a central air conditioner, or you’re your central heating system, it does not mean you should ignore the air ducts in the building. In fact, duct work should be an item on your list of regular “to do” projects regarding spring or autumn cleaning. Yet, it is not unusual for air ducts to go ignored for years and that can leave a space open to mold, allergens, dust and even insects or fire! That is why it is a good idea to find a reputable source for air duct cleaning right away.

Duct Cleaning is More Complex Than Many Realize

When you hear the phrase duct cleaning, what is it you imagine? Most think of the heating and cooling ducts or the duct exiting from a dryer. However, there is much more to thorough air duct cleaning in Chicago, including:

• Cleaning all vents and registers
• Eliminating mold, dirt and debris from the systems
• Cleaning all areas of the ductwork (including air trunks, pans and other supply areas)
• Cleaning evaporator coils
• Adding filters over vents
• Looking for leakage, insect or rodent issues, and more

Clearly, this is something that must be done at least once per year, and if there are any allergy sufferers or people with respiratory issues in a building, it is of benefit to have professional air duct cleaning on a much more routine.

Naturally, finding an expert in such a specialized service can be difficult, and even if you locate a few listings, it takes time to get an estimate for the work, check on any references, and then wait for your appointment. Same day or emergency cleanings are rarely available, and this can be a real problem if you fear there is a dangerous situation, such as a clogged dryer vent presenting a fire hazard or signs of mold that might cause major breathing issues.

Fortunately, the team at Air Care Services includes experts in duct cleaning, inspections and repairs. They can come to your property and book a cleaning or service within a day of submitting an estimate. They are skilled and experienced in all areas of duct work, and can become a key component of your plans for healthier indoor air and more efficient HVAC performance.

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