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19 Apr 2017

Surveying Your Flooring Options At Wood Floor Stores

In the past, the only type of floor material that was used inside of homes was wood. However, this wood flooring was often more utilitarian than it was decorative. As time has gone on, wood flooring, while
17 Jan 2017

Advantages of Wood Floor Installation

When it comes to redesigning a room or home, many property owners don’t give much thought to the flooring. This is a mistake. Neglecting to replace old vinyl, laminate floors, or carpet that are in bad shape
17 Jan 2017

Who Can Benefit From Installing A Seamless Floor?

Let’s face it: floors take a lot of abuse. Depending on where they are located, they will be walked upon, hold heavy furniture, and may have to withstand regular spills and even harsh chemicals. When considering flooring
8 Dec 2016

The Numerous Advantages Of Epoxy Seamless Flooring

When it comes to flooring for manufacturing facilities, hospitals, restaurant kitchens, and other types of facilities, there are a number of choices that can be both detrimental and beneficial. For many facilities, especially those that can be
22 Nov 2016

Keep Your Marble Fireplaces in Huntington Beach, CA, Well-Maintained

Marble is a stunning material, and owners of marble fireplaces in Huntington Beach, CA, must make sure the surrounds are well-maintained. According to cleaning specialists at Greatscottmaintenance.com, soot on marble is more than smoky residue—its acid content
4 Nov 2016

What Is Involved in a Concrete Polishing Service?

Polished concrete is becoming increasingly popular in a variety of residential and commercial settings. Polished concrete allows for a flooring that shines with brilliance and does not need to be waxed and treated like other more traditional
30 Sep 2016

Choose The Right Products For Floor Installation West in Des Moines, IA

Floor installation in West Des Moines IA starts with choosing the right product for the room. This choice should be based on the purpose of the room and the available budget. A large room will be very
20 Sep 2016

Working With Affordable Wood Flooring Companies Is The Best Option

Adding wood flooring to the home is a fantastic investment because it adds value to the property and it looks more modern. Most people love the look of wood flooring and they love that it lasts forever.
16 Sep 2016

Making Decisions About Interior Design Flooring

Part of the home renovation involves making changes to the flooring in every room. The question on the homeowner’s mind is whether to go with the same choices or opt for something new. By working with an
29 Aug 2016

What are Some of the Benefits of Installing a Seamless Floor?

The time has come to make some changes around the home, and the contractor has recommended that the client considers going with a Seamless Floor in the garage and in several areas of the house. What makes